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Saltwater Fishing & Fowl Hunting.

It's not just our specialty, it's our passion.

We specialize in the hyper saline bays, estuaries and barrier islands of the Laguna Madre, Port Mansfield, Baffin, Aransas, Rockport and Galveston bay areas. These areas are known for the their abundance of Trophy speckled trout, sight casting, huge schools of redfish and is located directly in the center of the central duck flyway. Over 10 million ducks come to Texas each year and the majority of them come straight to these areas.

Let us take you there to enjoy the best duck hunting, in-shore fishing and salt of the earth people anywhere in the world. We are determined to make this the most fun you will ever have on the water in the most pristine saltwater Texas has to offer.

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“This guy has the passion and know how to make your duck hunting or fishing trip a great experience.”

Bryan Slaven, The Texas Gourmet

“This man is salty as hell. Be ready to pull a trigger or bend some rods because the ducks and fish have a hard time hiding from this guy.”

Joseph White, Houston

“I can’t believe how fast we caught our limit of redfish. Never had a fishing trip like this before.”

Jordan Deprang, Chevron

The Home of

10 Million Ducks

is waiting for you

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